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January Tasting Episode

Episode Summary

We sat down in Tony's basement to drink some beer and chat about trends and news. READ THE SHOW NOTES!

Episode Notes

We sat down in Tony's basement to drink some beer and chat about trends and news

The information we are sharing is just that: information. We do not encourage anyone to reach out or communicate or anything else with the Wolfville residents

Clip at the top of the show is at about 3h10m of this clip, but is best listened to in the context of the whole recording. Last question period starts at about the 3h mark. There is also an opening question period with good information, especially from the owners. The agenda for that meeting is here. We'd really recommend listening to the whole thing.

Video is also on Facebook in 2 parts. Part One and Part Two. The clip would be near the end of the second video, but again, best to watch it all.

The letter Phil was reading from is from this document from the Feb 20, 2018 council meeting. The letter from the owners (p 277) and the letter Phil read from that was written by the residents (p 279) are in a package to council that starts at pg 266.

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Synthesis from Oxbow
Cloud 9 from 2 Crows Brewing
Mr. Funky Time from North Brewing Co
Pile-It License from Big Spruce Brewing

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